Bibliography: Periodicals (T)

A list of all periodicals referenced in EOFFTV beginning with the letter “T”.

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Time Out
A London-based weekly listing magazine that provides in-depth coverage of the arts, fashion, food and other events in the capital. First published in 1968, it still continues today and there are editions for other major cities, including New York and Tel Aviv.

Total Film
A British monthly film magazine published since 1997 by Future Publishing. Several international versions, including ones published in Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Turkey, Russia and Portugal, met varying degrees of success. [website]

Total Girl
An Australian magazine aimed at girls, “the ultimate resource for tween girls.” Sometimes featured interviews with actors and film-makers. [website]

Today’s Cinema
A British trade journal, formerly published as The Daily Cinema and from November 1971 renamed CinemaTV Today.

TV Filmes
A Portuguese film and television magazine.

TV Guide
An American television listings magazine published bi-weekly since 1948. It began life as a New York City area listings magazine titled The TeleVision Guide before being extended to New England and the Baltimore-Washington area. The first national edition was published by Triangle Publications in April 1953.

TV Times
A British television listing magazine published weekly since 22 September 1955. It initially served the newly launched ITV network, listing programmes for ITV and became a national publication in 1968, publishing several different regional editions. It added listings for Channel 4 when it was launched in 1982 and following the deregulation of television listings in 1991 it started carrying programme information for BBC and other channels.

TV Zone
A British television magazine, published every four weeks by Visual Imagination between 1989 and 2008. It was a spin-off from Starburst and evolved from being specifically about telefantasy to covering comedy and non-fantastic drama too.