Bibliography: Periodicals (M)

A list of all periodicals referenced in EOFFTV beginning with the letter “M”.

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Making Better Movies: The Film and Video Monthly
A British magazine for amateur filmmakers published by H. Greenwood & Co. between 1985 and 1989.

An American fanzine first published in 1988 and edited by Tim Paxton. As the title suggests, it focused on monster films and ran to 76 issues between October 1988 and April 1992, plus a one-off “subscriber only final issue”. The title eventually morphed into Monster! International and was revived by Paxton in the 2010s.

An American fanzine published by Kronos Publications since 2014 and edited by Tim Paxton. It is a revival of the 1980s fanzine of the same name and is related to the same editor’s Monster! International. It was put on hiatus in 2021.

Monster! International
In 1991, shortly before the original Monster! folded, editor/publisher Tim Paxton launched this spin-off title that concentrated on monster movies from around the world. Only 4 issues were published.

Monthly Film Bulletin
A monthly journal of the British Film Institute which aimed to review and provide full credits for every film released in the UK. It was published from 1934 to 1991 at which point it was incorporated into its sister publication Sight & Sound. Its archives are available online to subscribers here.

Motion Picture Herald
An American film trade journal published between 1931 and 1972. It was briefly replaced by the QP Herald, which ran until May 1973. It grew from the Exhibitors Herald, a trade journal first published in Chicago in 1915 which publisher Martin Quigley subsequently merged with other titles, including Motography and The Moving Picture World. The combined title was briefly known as Exhibitors’ Herald and Moving Picture World before its title was shortened to Exhibitors’ Herald World. Quigley acquired Motion Picture News in 1930, merged it into Exhibitor’s Herald World and the following year rebranded it as Motion Picture Herald.

Motion Picture News
An American trade journal published between 1913 and 1930. It was founded by the merger of Moving Picture News and The Exhibitors’ Times and was eventually merged with Exhibitors’ Herald World to form Motion Picture Herald.

Moving Picture World
An American trade journal published between 1907 and 1927. It was founded by James P. Chalmer Jr and Alfred Saunders as the “official organ of the Moving Picture Exhibitors’ Association.” On 7 January 1928 it merged with Exhibitors Herald to form Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World.

The Movie Magazine
A film magazine issued by the California State University, Sacramento in the early 1980s by the publishers of campus newspaper The State Hornet.