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A list of all periodicals referenced in EOFFTV beginning with the letter “H”.

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Halls of Horror
see The House of Hammer

The Hollywood Reporter
An American trade journal published weekly, in print and more recently digitally, since 1930. It was founded by William R. “Billy” Wilkerson and was the US film industry’s first daily trade newspaper. It was published six days a week until 1940 when it switched to five times a week. By 2010, the title was struggling and was revamped as a large-format weekly.

The House of Hammer
A British horror magazine published between 1976 and 1984, edited by Dez Skinn. Initially the magazine featured a comic strip adaptation of a Hammer film along with reviews and articles about genre films made by other producers. With issue 19, it changed its name to House of Horror and with issue 21 became Halls of Horror. Issue 31 was a special issue titled Halls of Horror Presents: Dracula and the “missing” issue 24 (a number 24 had been issued as the first of the new run of the magazine in 1982, but this was the planned issue for September 1978 which never saw print) was finally released in 2018 with a vague promise of an issue 25 to follow.

House of Horror
see The House of Hammer