Bibliography: Periodicals (F)

A list of all periodicals referenced in EOFFTV beginning with the letter “F”.

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An American horror film magazine first published in 1979 by the Starlog Group as a companion to their science fiction magazine Starlog. After a shakey start it became the leading magazine in its field, weathering many ups and downs in appeal. It remained in print until 2016 when a combination of financial pressures and an inability to keep an editor for any length of time saw the magazine fold. In February 2018 Cinestate announced that they had acquired the rights to Fangoria and relaunched it as a quarterly, print-based publication.

Favorite Westerns and Serial World
An American magazine published by Kietzer Publishing from the early 1980s to c.2004 that combined two pre-existing titles, Favorite Westerns and Serial World. It was also published under the title Westerns & Serials.

Film (BFFS)
The in-house journal of the British Federation of Film Societies, published between 1964 and 1999.

Film Bulletin
An American trade journal published between 1934 and 1973. It was distributed to cinema owners and not made available to the general public.

Film Comment
A long-running American film magazine – “a forum for smart, idiosyncratic writing about movies” – published six times a year by Film Society of Lincoln Center. [website]

Film Dienst
One of only two German film review magazines (the other being EPD Film), published between 1947 and 2017 by Katholisches Institut fur Medieninformation. It also published under the titles Filmdienst and Film-Dienst.

Le Film Francais
A French trade journal publish continuously since 1944. [website]

Film Guia
A Spanish film magazine, edited by Manuel Ferrer Salvador, who published 15 issues between 1974 and 1977

Film Ireland
Originally begun as a fanzine, and the published professionally as Film Base News, this was Ireland’s premier film magazine, published between 1987 and 2013 [website]

Film News (UK)
A British film magazine published by the Federation of Film Societies between 1953 and 1970. Not to be confused with the American journal of the same name.

Film Quarterly (UK)
A short-lived (1946-1947) British film magazine. Not to be confused with the identically titled American magazine.

Film Quarterly (USA)
An American film magazine (not to be confused with the short-lived British magazine of the same name), published by University of California Press Journals Division since 1945. It later incorporated into Quarterly of Film, Radio and Television. [website]

Film Review
A British monthly film magazine that grew out of ABC Film Review. It was first published in 1972 and ran until 2008. In its later years it also published four quarterly special issues each year.

Film Score Monthly
An American magazine devoted to film soundtracks, published between 1990 and 2005 by Lukas Kendall. It began life as a one-page newsletter titled Soundtrack Correspondence List, became Sound Track Club and adopted its best known name from issue 21. It now continues online. [website]

A Brazilian film magazine.

An American film magazine that reprinted reviews from other sources. It was published between 1958 and 1977 – weekly from 1958 to March 1965 and fortnightly from then on – by the American Film Institute.

An American horror and science fiction film magazine published since 1986. In 2004 it incorporated its sister magazine Outre and was retitled Filmfax Plus.

Films and Filming
A British monthly film magazine published between October 1954 and March 1990 by Hansom Books who also published a number of similar titles dedicated to other areas of the arts. For most of its run it was edited by Allen Eyeles. It was on hiatus from June 1980 until it was revived in October 1981 by new publishers Brevet, incorporating Focus on Film magazine. In 1985 it incorporated Films on Screen and Video and publication was taken over by Orpheus Publications. It was finally incorporated into Film Review in 1985.

Films Illustrated
A British film magazine published between July 1971 and January 1982.

Films in Review
An American film magazine published between 1950 and 1997 by The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures. It was incorporated into Classic Images in December 1997. [website]

Foreign Sales, Italian Movie Trade
An English language, Italian trade magazine.