Bibliography: Periodicals (E)

A list of all periodicals referenced in EOFFTV beginning with the letter “E”.

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L’Écran Fantastique
A French genre film magazine that began life in 1969 as a fanzine before becoming a prozine in 1970. That incarnation only lasted for seven issues before it was relaunched in 1977. It was published by V12 Press from 1969 to 2003 and by Cyber Press Publishing from October 2003 to 2007. When Cyber Press filed for bankruptcy it was picked up by Financière de Loisirs. [website]

A long-running British film magazines, focusing on mainstream cinema, published monthly since 1989. [website]

Entertainment Weekly
An American entertainment magazine published weekly since 1990. It looks at all aspects of the modern entertainment industry including film and television. [website]

EPD Film
One of only two German film review magazines (the other being Film Dienst), published since 1984 by Gemeinschaftswerk der Evangelischen Publizistik e.V. [website]

An American television magazine running to 44 issues between 1990 and 1994. Published by Star*Tech Publications and edited by William Anchor, the magazine was subtitled “The Magazine of Television Science Fiction, Fantasy and Adventure” and published detailed episode guides for both American and British programmes. See also Epi-Log Journal and Epi-Log Special.