Bibliography: Periodicals (B)

A list of all periodicals referenced in EOFFTV beginning with the letter “B”.

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Bianco e Nero
An Italian general film magazine first published in 1937, published by Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. It ran almost continuously, with a break during the Second World War, that lasted from October 1943 to September 1947. It was retitled BH in 2003.

The Big Issue
A British magazine sold by homeless people in major cities to help them raise enough money to get themselves back on their feet. Contains film and television reviews and interviews with actors and film-makers.

The Bioscope
A British trade journal first published in 1908 and published until May 1932. It described itself as “the independent film trade paper.” Particularly useful for its coverage of silent British cinema.

Black Filmmaker
A British film magazine aimed at the black film-making community in the UK. Published by Black Filmmaker Publications from 1998 to 2006.

Book of the Dead
A British horror film fanzine published in the early 1990s by Simon Smith. It was dedicated to non-mainstream “living dead” films from around the world. Only four issues were published.

The Box
A short-lived British monthly dedicated to television that ran for only three issues in 1997.

A British periodical devoted to the business side of television broadcasting published since 1973 by various publishers, including Arrowhead, International Thomson, Communications Software Ltd and more recently Media Business Insight Limited. It grew from an earlier periodical alternately published as Television Mail, Television week, Television Weekly and InVision.