Beyond Evil (1980)

35mm film, Metrocolor
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Herb Freed.

Plot Summary

An architect and his wife move move into a new house where she is possessed by a ghost.


Directed by: Herb Freed
© IFI/Scope III, Inc. 1980
Production Companies: An IFI/Scope III presentation. IFI/Scope III in association with Milano Films Int'n'l presents a Herb Freed film
Executive Producer: Rooven Akiba
Produced by: David Baughn and Herb Freed
Written by: Paul Ross and Herb Freed
Based on a story by: David Baughn
Director of Photography: Ken Plotin
Film Editor and Second Unit Director: Rick Westover
Music by: Pino Donaggio
Production Sound Mixer: Al Ramirez
Wardrobe Designer: Jan Walcher
Make-up and Hair Dresser: Mela Schneider
Special Effects: Joe Quinlivian
Art Director: Gordon Rattray
Production Advisor: George “Buck” Flower

John Saxon (Larry)
Lynda Day George (Barbara)
Michael Dante (Del)
Mario Milano (Albanos)
Anne Marisse (Leia)
Janice Lynde (Alma)
David Opatoshu (Dr Soloman)
Zitto Kazann (Esteban)
Beverly Dixon (nurse)
Alan Caillou (inspector)
Edward Ansara (Broido)
Jennifer Italiano (Jennifer)
Peggy Stewart (lady patient)
Mickey Carouso (construction worker)
Chuck Hicks (hospital attendant)
Lisa Antille (bride)
Richard Herkert (groom)
Verkina Flower (girl patient)
Kiku Hamada, Anne Gaybis, Anna Marlow (harlots)
Johnny Mendez (native boy)

Alternative Titles

Les Forces de l'au-delà – French title
Jenseits des Bösen – West German title
To nisi ton hilion kindynon – Greek title
Pahan vallassa – Finnish title



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