Beyond Bedlam (1993)

35mm film, Technicolor
Dolby SR, English

A British horror/science fiction film directed by Vadim Jean.

Plot Summary

Doctor Stephanie Lyell has developed a revolutionary drug that she believes can redress a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes violent psychoses. But when teh drug is administered to convicted killer Gilmour, he develops the ability to enter the dreams of others and embarks on a new kind of killing spree.


Director: Vadim Jean
Metrodome Films
Producer: Paul Brooks
Script: Vadim Jean, Rob Walker
Novel: Harry Adam Knight [real name: John Brosnan]
Director of Photography: Gavin Finney
Editor: Liz Webber
Music: David A. Hughes, John Murphy
Sound Mixer: Richard Flynn
Costume Designer: Jayne Gregory
Key Make Up: Karen Hyams
Hair Products: Paul Mitchell Luxury Haircare
Special Prosthetics Effects: Steve Paynter, Image Animation
Special Effects: United Special Effects
Production Designer: James Helps

Craig Fairbrass (Terry Hamilton)
Elizabeth Hurley (Stephanie Lyell)
Keith Allen (Marc Gilmour)
Anita Dobson (Judith)
Jesse Birdsall (Scott)
Craig Kelly (Matthew Hamilton)
Faith Kent (Miss Coope)
Georgina Hale (Sister Romulus)
Samantha Spiro (WPC Foster)
Steven Brand (Turnball)
Zoe Heyes (Josie)
Annette Badland (Nurse Wrekin)
Natasha Humphrey (Gloria)
Jack McKenzie (DCI Clery)
Christopher Adamson (weasel)
Shaun Etherton (rookie cop)
Andrew Rattenbury (fireman)
Carl Proctor (forensic)
Che Walker (policeman)
Lucinda Galloway (Emily Stanton)
Alastair Cumming (Peter Stanton)
Jim Groom (Geoff)
Rod Woodruff, Paul Brooks, Cleve West, Mark Baker (riot cops)

Alternative Titles

Bedlam – German title
Nightscare – US title
Ondskans bakgård – Swedish title
Paholaisen takapiha – Finnish title


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