Beware! The Blob (1971)

35mm film, “colour by DeLuxe”, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Larry Hagman.

Plot Summary

A frozen specimen of the blob is returned to the United States from the North Pole. It thaws out, grows in size and is soon on the rampage.


Director: Larry Hagman
© MCMLXXXI [1971] by Jack H. Harris Enterprises, Inc.
Jack H. Harris Enterprises, Inc. presentation
Executive Producer: Jack H. Harris
Producer: Anthony Harris
Screenplay by: Jack Woods and Anthony Harris
Story by: Richard Clair and Jack H. Harris
Director of Photography: Al Hamm
Editor: Tony DeZarraga
Music by: Mort Garson
Mixer: Ken Carlson
Westrex Recording System
Special Effects: Tim Baar
Locations: Robert N. Goodman

Robert Walker
Gwynne Gilford
Richard Stahl
Richard Webb
Marlene Clark
Gerrit Graham
J.J. Johnston
Danny Goldman
Rockne Tarkington
Dick Van Patten
Tiger Joe Marsh
Tim Baar
Fred Smoot
Randy Stonehill
Del Close
Cindy Williams
Preston Hagman
John Houser
Larry Norman
Robert N. Goodman
Patrick McAllister
William B. Foster
Byron Keith
Margie Adleman
Shelley Berman
Godfrey Cambridge
Larry Hagman
Carol Lynley

Alternative Titles

Attention au blob! – French title
Beware of the Blob – alternative title
Blob – Masa mortal – Spanish title
¡Cuidado con el blob! – Mexican title
Son of Blob – alternative title
Son of the Blob – US video title
Valuvan kuoleman kosto – Finnish title

Sequel to
The Blob (1958)

Extracts included in
Blob Town (2010)
Cinemacabre TV Trailers (1993)
Nightmare Theatre's Late Night Chill-o-Rama Horror Show Vol. 1 (1996)


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