Berlino appuntamento per le spie (Operazione Polifemo) (1965)

85m, 105m
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1
mono, Italian

An Italian science fiction film directed by Vittorio Sala.

Plot Summary

Secret agent Bert Morris is sent to protect Paula, a young woman who holds the key to a new death ray developed by her father. But he's unaware that foreign agents have implanted a camera in the artificial eye of his boss Colonel Lancaster and are consequently one step ahead of him.


Directed by: Vittorio Sala
AIP [logo – US version] James H. Nicholson and Samuel Z. Arkoff present [US version)
An Italian International Film and Publi Italia co-production
Produced by: Fulvio Lucisano, Lucio Marcuzzo
Associate Producer: Salvatore Billitteri
Screenplay by: Adriano Bolzoni, Romano Ferrara, Adriano Baracco
Story: Lucio Marzuzzo
Director of Photography: Fausto Zuccoli
Editors: Roberto and Renato Cinquini
Original Music by: Riz Ortolani
Costume Designer: Ugo Pericoli
Special Effects: Sergio Scalia, Rolando Morelli
Art Director: Luciano Del Greco

Brett Halsey (Bert Morris)
Anna Maria Pierangeli [real name: Pier Angeli] (Paula)
Dana Andrews (Col. Lancaster)
Gastone Moschin (Boris)
Tanya Beryll (Madeleine)
Giorgio Wang [real name: George Wang] (Ming)
Alessandro Sperlì (Karalis)
Marco Guglielmi (Kurt)
Renato Baldini (Mohamed Belkheir)
Mario Valdemarin (Willie)
Luciana Angiolillo (Miss Hopkins)
Luciano Pigozzi (Leonida)
Tino Bianchi (Doctor Van Dongen)
Massimo Righi (Johnny Davis)
Franco Beltramen [real name: Franco Beltramme] (Serghey)
Pio Tou [real name: Yui Chang Pio Tou] (Pio)
Giulio Maculani (Stanko)
Aldo De Franceschi (Seaton)
Abdul-Rahim Bazian (Ibrahim)

Alternative Titles

Agent Z.3 spionögat – Swedish title
Agente 077 – Berlino appuntamento per le spie (Operazione Polifemo) – alternative title
Bang You're Dead – UK title
Berlin, Appointment for Spies – English language title
Berlín, cita con los espías – Spanish title
Berlin, opération ‘Laser – French title
Cult of Violence
Das verräterische Auge – Austrian, West German title
Epitaph for a Spy
El ojo espía – Mexican title
O Olho da Espionagem – O Agente Z-3 – Brazilian title
Operaatio Silmä – Finnish title
Spy in Your Eye – UK, US title
Verolino, to stavrodromi ton kataskopon – Greek title

Extracts included in
42nd Street Forever, Volume 2: The Deuce (2006)
42nd Street Forever: Blu-ray Edition (2012)
Operation: Secret Agents, Spies & Thighs (2007)



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