Ben (1972)

94m 21s, 8491 feet
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Phil Karlson. A sequel to Willard (1970), it features a title song that became an international hit for Michael Jackson.

Plot Summary

Ben and the other surviving from Willard (1970) are befriended by a lonely young boy.


Directed by: Phil Karlson
© Bing Crosby Productions, Inc. MCMLXXIII [1972]
From Cinerama Releasing a Cinerama release
Executive Producer: Charles A. Pratt
Produced by: Mort Briskin
Associate Producer: Joel Briskin
Written by: Gilbert A. Ralston
Based on Characters Created by: Stephen Gilbert
Director of Photography: Russell Metty
Film Editor: Henry Gerstad
Music by: Walter Scharf
Sound Recording: Leon M. Leon and David Dockendorf
Costume: Ray Harp and Mina Mittelman
Makeup: Jack H. Young
Hair Stylist: Hazel Washington
Special Effects: Bud David
Photographic Effects: Howard A. Anderson Co.
Art Director: Rolland M. Brooks

Joseph Campanella (Cliff Kirtland)
Arthur O'Connell (Bill Hatfield)
Rosemary Murphy (Beth Garrison)
Meredith Baxter (Eve Garrison)
Kaz Garas (Joe Greer)
Lee Harcourt Montgomery as David [Garrison]
Norman Alden (policeman)
Paul Carr (Kelly)
James Luisi (Ed)
Kenneth Tobey (engineer)
Richard Van Vleet (Reade)
Lee Paul (Careu)
Scott Garrett (Henry Gray)
Arlen Stuart (Mrs Gray)
Richard Drasin (George)

Alternative Titles

Ben, la rata asesina – Mexico
Råttorna slår till igen – Sweden

Willard (1970)

Extracts included in
I Love the '70s (2003)
Moonwalker (1988)

See also
Willard (2003)



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