Beauty and the Beast (1992)

colour, 1.33:1

A British animated fantasy film directed by Timothy Forder.

Plot Summary

Du Bois is attacked by a highwayman and is rescued by Madame Bombec who takes him to a chateau to recover. There he picks a rose from the garden for his daughter which angers the Beast, the chateau's real owner who agrees to let him go if he will hand over his youngest daughter, Beauty.


Supervising Director: Timothy Forder
© 1992 Foxbridge Limited
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Executive Producers: Paul Levinson & Mark Levinson
Producer: Mary Swindale
Production Co-ordinator: Kirsten Withers
Screenplay by: Paul Levinson and Nathalie Harrison
Director of Animation: Dave Thwaytes
Ink & Paint: Jennifer Ryder, Penelope Taylor, Justin White, Mark Yarwood, Charlotte Loynes, Alistair Douglas, Michelle Seaton, Amanda White, Briony Catling, Denise Hambry, Vanessa Turquand-Young, David Cook, Gina Heffler, Andy Turmer, Jane Porteous, Angela Bristow, Yvonna Yates, Sue Plummer, Sandra Roach, Lynn Anderson, Lorna Mulligan, Clair Stratton, Alma Sachs, Allan Henry, Roz Blochstrom
Animators: Glen Whiting, Geoff Loynes, Gerard Kenny, John Tynan, Ian Sachs, Janet Nunn, Geoff Short, Philip Scarrold, Keith Grieg, Roger Way
Character Design: Paul Gunson, Gerard Kenny
Backgrounds: Ian Henderson
Layouts: Andrew Ryder
Checker: Joan Garrick
Rostrum Camera: Lyndon Pickersgill
Supervising Editor: Peter Corley
Picture Editor: Claire Yearley
Music Score: Kick Production
Dubbing Editor: Jennifer Keys
Art Director/Co-ordinator: Dawn White
Production Assistant: Lavinia Stuart-Hunt

Michael Hordern (Monsieur Du Bois)
Christopher Lee (Monsieur Renard)
Kate O'Mara (Lucinda)
Susan Sheridan (Prunella)
Kellie Bright (Beauty)
Penelope Keith (Madame Bombec)
Jason Connery (the Beast)
Geoffrey Matthew (Monsieur Rodent)



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