Beasts: The Dummy (1976)

UK, 19 November
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Beasts (1976) – series 1, episode 5

A British horror television episode directed by Don Leaver from a script by Nigel Kneale.

Plot Summary

A regular actor in a series of horror movies featuring monster “The Dummy” begins to crack under the strain and assumes the personality of his most famous creation.


Director: Don Leaver
© ATV Network Limited MCMLXXVI [1976]
Produced by: Nicholas Palmer
[Written] By: Nigel Kneale
Lighting: Alistair Morrison
Cameras: Roy Simper
Vision Mixer: Mary Forrest
Vision: Jim Reeves
VTR Editor: Peter Charles
Sound: Len Penfold
Wardrobe: James Dark
Make-up: Dianne Joyce
Designed by: Richard Lake
Floor Manager: Bill Goodall
Production Assistant: Susan Foreman

Bernard Horsfall (Clyde Boyd)
Clive Swift (Bunny)
Glyn Houston (Sid)
Thorley Walters (Sir Ramsey)
Lillias Walker (Joan Eastgate)
Patricia Haines (Sheila Boyd)
Simon Oates (Peter Wager)
Ian Jacob Thompson (Mike Hickey)
Ruby Head (tea lady)
Michael Sheard (sergeant)
George Malpas (Vic)
Frank Coda (first assistant)
Jackie Cooper (grave robber)
James Giles (sound mixer)
Dave Carter (dresser)
Norman Hartley (boom swinger)
Barbara Hyslop (continuity girl)
Harry Meacher (constable)