Beasts: During Barty’s Party (1976)

UK, 22 October
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Beasts (1976) – series 1, episode 1

A British horror television episode directed by Don Taylor from a script by Nigel Kneale.

Plot Summary

A couple are terrorised by unseen rats that have besieged their country home.


Director: Don Taylor
© ATV Network Limited MCMLXXVI [1976]
Producer: Nicholas Palmer
[Written] By: Nigel Kneale
Lighting Director: Alistair Morrison
Senior Cameraman: Roy Simper
Vision Mixer: Moyra Bird
Vision Control: John Crane
Video Tape Editor: John Hawkins
Sound Director: Roger Knight
Wardrobe: Sheelagh Killeen
Make-up: Elizabeth Portsmouth
Designer: Anthony Waller

Elizabeth Sellars (Angie Truscott)
Anthony Bate (Roger Truscott)
Colin Bell ([voice of] Barty Wills)
Norman Mitchell (police sergeant)
John Rhys-Davies (Peter Newell)
Denis Cleary (James Dodge)
Pamela Moiseiwitsch (Karen)
Manning Wilson, Gary Watson, Richard Bebb, Marie Sutherland (commercial voices)
Alan Dudley ([voice of] Mr Gibson)
Elizabeth Counsell ([voice of] Mrs Gibson)
Jennifer Brassetty, Steve Fletcher ([voices of] Gibson children)