Beast of the Yellow Night (1970)

Philipinnes, USA, 1970
35mm film, Metrocolour, 1.85:1
mono, English

A Filipino/American horror film directed by Eddie Romero.

Plot Summary

A man is saved from death by Satan but at a cost – he’s transformed into a blood-sucking monster.


Directed by: Eddie Romero
© [not given on screen]
Four Associates Ltd. presents
Executive Producers: Beverly Miller, David J. Cohen
Produced by: John Ashley, Eddie Romero
Written by: Eddie Romero
Director of Cinematography: Justo Paulino
Supervising Film Editor: Ben Barcelon
Music Composed and Conducted by: Nestor Robles
Sound Mixer: Vincent Doña
Make-up Supervisor: Antonio Artieda
Special Effects: Teofilo Hilario
Military Effects: Lopezino Juban

John Ashley [Joseph Langdon/Philip Rogers]
Mary Wilcox [Julia Rogers]
Leopoldo Salcedo [Inspector de Santos]
Eddie Garcia [Detective Lieutenant Campo]
Ken Metcalfe [Earl Rogers]
Vic Diaz [Satan]
Andres Centenera [blind man]
Ruben Rustia [hospital doctor]
Don Lipman [US military attaché]
Jose Garcia
James Spencer
Carpi Asturias [Langdon’s jungle contact]
Jose Roy Jr
Joonee Gamboa [Mateo
Peter Magurean
Nora Nuñez
Johnny Long


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