Battle of the Planets (1978-1980)

USA, Japan, 12 September -12 May 1980
1 series, 85 episodes, average 30m
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English

An American/Japanese animated science fiction television series created by Sandy Frank. It is comprised of animation from the Japanese series Kagaku Ninja tai Gatchaman (1972-1974) intercut with newly shot footage.

Plot Summary

Five gifted young people, collectively known as G-Force protect the Earth agains the alien invaders from the planet Spectra.


Directed by: David E. Hanson, Alan Dinehart
Gallerie International Films Ltd, Tatsunoko Production
Executive Producers: Jameson Brewer, Sandy Frank
Produced by: David E. Hanson, Alan Dinehart
Theme Music Composed by: Hoyt Curtin

Alan Young (7-Zark-7, Keyop, additional voices)
Casey Kasem (Mark, additional voices)
Ronnie Schell (Jason, additional voices)
Keye Luke (Zoltar, the Spirit, Cronos, additional voices)
Janet Waldo (Princess, Susan, additional voices)
David Jolliffe (Jason [episode 1 only], additional voices)
Alan Oppenheimer (Commander Gorok, additional voices)
William Woodson (announcer, additional voices)
Alan Dinehart (Tiny, Anderson, additional voices)


Attack of the Space Terrapin
Rescue of the Astronauts
The Space Mummy
The Space Serpent
Ghost Ship of Planet Mir
Big Robot Gold Grab
Ace from Outer Space
Fearful Sea Anemone
The Jupiter Moon Menace
A Swarm of Robot Ants
Space Rocket Escort
Beast with a Sweet Tooth
Perilous Pleasure Cruise
The Thing With 1000 Eyes
Microfilm Mystery
The Alien Beetles
A Whale Joins G-Force
Mad New Ruler of Spectra
The Sea Dragon
Magnetic Attraction
The Musical Mummy
The Fiery Lava Giant
The Bat-Ray Bombers
Race Against Disaster
The Ghostly Grasshopper
The Galaxy Girls
Curse of the Cuttlefish Episode I
Curse of the Cuttlefish Episode II
Demons of the Desert
Siege of the Squids
Orion, Wonder Dog of Space
The Fierce Flowers Episode I
The Fierce Flowers Episode II
The Space Rock Concert
Prisoners in Space
Victims of the Hawk
Raid on Riga
Seals of Sytron
Giant Gila Monster
Capture of the Galaxy Code
Raid on a Nearby Planet
Keyop Does It All
Peaks of Planet Odin
The Sky is Falling! Episode I
The Sky is Falling! Episode II
Raid of the Red Scorpion
Mammoth Shark Menace
Fastest Gun in the Galaxy
Giant from the Planet Zyr
Secret Island
Giant Space Bat
Attack of the Alien Wasp
Decoys of Doom
Zoltar Strikes Out
The Great Brain Robbery
Raid of the Space Octopus
Silent City
Peril in the Pyramids
Rage of the Robotoids
The Alien Bigfoot
Invasion of the Locusts
The Space Safari
Museum of Mystery
Peril of the Praying Mantis
The Awesome Ray Force
The Duplicate King
Defector to Spectra
Panic of the Peacock
Mission to Inner Space
Spectra Space Spider
Super Space Spies
Cupid Does It to Keyop
Tentacles From Space
Island of Fear
The Awesome Armadillo
Invasion of the Space Center Episode I
Invasion of the Space Center Episode II
Save the Space Colony
Charioteers of Changu
Vacation on Venus
Rockets Out of Control
G-Force Defector
Strike at Spectra
G-Force in the Future
The Conway Tape Tap

Includes extracts from
Kagaku Ninja tai Gatchaman (1972-1974)



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