Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)

35mm film, Metrocolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Jimmy T. Murakami.

Plot Summary

When the evil Sador and his forces threaten the peaceful planet Akir, Shad sets out in an ancient spaceship to find seven heroes who will fight for them and defend the planet from invasion.


Director: Jimmy T. Murakami
© 1980 Orion Pictures Company and New World Productions, Inc.
New World Pictures presents a New World picture. A Roger Corman production
Executive Producer: Roger Corman
Producer: Ed Carlin
Screenplay by: John Sayles
Story by: John Sayles, Anne Dyer
First Assistant Director: Jim Sbardellati
Second Assistant Directors: Frank Martinez, Don Opper
Director of Photography: Daniel Lacambre
Edited by: Allan Holzman, R.J. Kizer
Music Composed by: James Horner
Sound Mixer: Ron Judkins
Costume Designer: Durinda Rice Wood
Makeup: Sue Dolph
Hairdresser: Charles Balazs [real name: Karoly Balazs]
Prosthetic Makeup: Steve Neill, Rick Stratton
Miniature Photographic Effects: New World Studios
Art Directors: Jim Cameron [real name: James Cameron], Charles Breen

Richard Thomas (Shad)
Robert Vaughn (Gelt)
John Saxon (Sador)
George Peppard as Cowboy
Darlanne Fluegel (Nanelia)
Sybil Danning (St Exmin)
Sam Jaffe (Dr Hephaestus)
Jeff Corey (Zed)
Morgan Woodward (Cayman)
Marta Kristen (Lux)
Earl Boen (Nestor 1)
John Gowan (Nestor 2)
Steve Davis (Quopeg)
Larry Meyers, Lara Cody (Kelvin)
Lynn Carlin ([voice of] Nell)

Julia Duffy (Mol)
Eric Morris (Fen)
Doug Carleson (Pok)
Ron Ross (Dab)
Terrence McNally (Gar)
Galen Thompson (Wok)

Dr Hephaestus' staff
Whitney Rydbeck (Saunders)
Tom Henschel (talking android)

Nate Esformes (Dako)
Dick Davalos (Yago)
Larry Broyles (Tembo)
Robert Reece (Kalo)

Alternative Titles

Los 7 magníficos del espacio – Spanish title
Batalha para Além das Estrelas – Portugese title
Bitwa poza gwiazdami – Polish title
Kriget bortom stjärnorna – Swedish title
I magnifici sette nello spazio – Italian title
Les Mercenaires de l'espace – French title
Mercenários das Galáxias – Brazilian title
Sador – Herrscher im Weltraum – West German title
Vaarojen planeetta – Finnish title

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