Basket Case 2 (1990)

USA, 1990
35mm film, colour
Dolby, English

An American horror film directed by Frank Henenlotter.

Plot Summary

Duane Bradley and his mutant brother Belial survive their fall and are approached by their long-lost aunt, Granny Ruth and her pregnant daughter Susan who help the brothers escape from hospital. Granny takes them to her mansion where she is sheltering a community of freaks of all kinds. But with the press on Duane and Belial’s trail, the safety of the mansion might not last for much longer…


Director: Frank Henenlotter
Shapiro Glickenhaus Entertainment
Executive Producer: James Glickenhaus
Producer: Edgar Ievins
Script: Frank Henenlotter
Director of Photography: Robert M. Baldwin
Editor: Kevin Tent
Music: Joe Renzetti
Sound Recordist: Paul Bang
Wardrobe Supervisor: Artemis Pizarro
Make Up: Daniel Frye, Michelle Vittone
Special Make Up Effects: Gabriel Bartalos
Special Effects: Patrick Shearn, George Bernota, Gregory Ramoundos
Original Belial Designer: Kevin Haney
Animatronics Supervisor: Ken Walker
Motion Control Photography: Tim Segulin
Animation Photographer: Steve Sanderson
Production Designer: Michael P. Moran
Locations: Plainfield, New Jersey; Newark, New Jersey

Kevin Van Hentenryck (Duane)
Judy Grafe (news woman)
Annie Ross (Granny Ruth)
Heather Rattray (Susan)
Chad Brown (news man)
Beverly Bonner (Casey)
Leonard Jackson (police commissioner)
Alexandra Auder (Nurse Sherri)
Brian Fitzpatrick (cop)
Gale Van Cott (desk clerk)
Kuno Sponholz (sick old man)
Kathryn Meisle (Marcie)
Dominic Marcus (security guard)
Doug Anderson (snoring cop)
Jason Evers (Lou the editor)
Jan Saint (Lyle Barker)
Matt Mitler (Arty)
Michael Rubenstein (Clancy)
Ted Sorel (Phil)
George Andros Aries (worm man)

Alternative Titles

Wiklinowy koszyk 2 – Poland

Sequel to
Basket Case (1981)

Basket Case 3: The Progeny (1992)



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