Barbe-bleue (1972)

France, Italy, West Germany, Hungary,
35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1

A French/Italian/West German/Hungarian horror film directed by Edward Dmytryk and Luciano Sacripanti.

Plot Summary

Blue-bearded Austrian aristocrat Baron von Sepper has had a string of beautiful wives who have all disappeared in mysterious circumstances. His latest spouse, The American Anne, finds the bodies of her predecessors frozen in a hidden vault and has to fight to survive as Bluebeard begins to plot her demise.


Directors: Edward Dmytryk, Luciano Sacripanti
Geiselgasteig Film, Gloria Film, Hungarofilm, Vulcano Film Handels AG
Executive Producer: Ilya Salkind
Producers: Alexander Salkind, Pierre Spengler
Script: Ennio De Concini, Edward Dmytryk, Maria Pia Fusco
Director of : Gábor Pogány
Editor: Jean Ravel
Music by: Maria Pia Fusco, Ennio Morricone
Sound Mixer: Franco Bassi
Costume Designers: Mia Fonssagrives, Jacques Fonteray, Vicki Tiel
Art Director: Tamás Vayer
Locations: Budapest, Hungary; Rome, Lazio, Italy

Richard Burton (Baron von Sepper)
Raquel Welch (Magdalena)
Virna Lisi (Elga)
Nathalie Delon (Erika)
Marilù Tolo (Brigitte)
Karin Schubert (Greta)
Agostina Belli (Caroline)
Sybil Danning (prostitute)
Joey Heatherton (Anne)
Edward Meeks (Sergio)
Jean Lefebvre (Greta's father)
Erica Schramm (Greta's mother)
Doka Bukova (Rosa)
Mathieu Carrière (the violinist)
Karl-Otto Alberty, Kurt Großkurth, Thomas Fischer, Peter Martin Urtel (von Sepper's friends)
Mag-Avril (Marka)
Sándor Szabó (the doctor)
Dennis Burgess (the coroner)
Eleonora Mauro
Cristina Perra

Alternative Titles

Barbablù – Italian title
Barbazul – Venezuelan title
Den Bestialiske – Swedish title
Blåskæg – Danish title
Blaubart – West German title
Bluebeard – UK/US title
O Kyanopogon – Greek title
Paroni Siniparta – Finnish title
Ritari Siniparta – Finnish title


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