Barbe-bleue (1901)

France, 1901
9m, 213.36 metres, 138 feet
35mm film, black and white

A French fantasy film directed by Georges Méliès.

Plot Summary

Lord Bluebeard is looking for a new wife but because his appearance is so ugly and he has a history of marrying women who have all disappeared without a trace his search is proving difficult. His great wealth attracts one family and he finally takes a new bride. When he leaves his castle he leaves her the keys and warns her not to go into a certain room. But an imp appears and tries to tempt her into unlocking the door but her guardian angel appears and temporarily makes her see sense. She does eventually give in and finds herself in a torture chamber where the bodies of Bluebeard’s ex-wives are stored in bags.


Director: Georges Méliès
Star Film

Georges Méliès (Barbe-bleue)
Jeanne d’Alcy (Barbe-bleue’s new wife)
Bleuette Bernon (guardian angel)

Alternative Titles

Bluebeard – US title


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