Band Waggon (1940)

80m, 85m
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British comedy film with borderline fantasy elements directed by Marcel Varnel.

Plot Summary

When they're discovered living rough on the roof of the BBC's Broadcasting House, Arthur Askey and Dickie ‘Stinker' Murdoch are forced to seek shelter in Droon Castle in Sussex. There they find equipment and decide to put on a show, not realising that the hi-tech equipment actually belongs to a group of Nazi spies.


* = uncredited

Director: Marcel Varnel
A Gainsborough picture
Producer: Edward Black
In Charge of Production: Maurice Ostrer
Written and Devised by: John Watt, Harry Pepper, Gordon Crier, Vernon Harris, J.O.C. Orton, Val Guest, Marriott Edgar, Bob Edmunds
Adapted from the original broadcast production by courtesy of the British Broadcasting Corporation
Director of Photography: Arthur Crabtree
Editor: R.E. Dearing
Cutter: Alfred Roome
Sound: S. Wiles
Settings: Vetchinsky
Made at Shepherds Bush Studios, London

Arthur Askey (Big-Hearted Arthur)
Jack Hylton and His Band (themselves)
Richard ‘Stinker' Murdoch (Stinker)
Patricia Kirkwood (Pat)
Moore Marriott (Jasper)
Freddy Schweitzer (himself)
Bruce Trent (himself)
Michael Standing (himself)
Mr Middleton [real name: C.H. Middleton] (himself)
Jasmine Bligh (herself)
Sherman Fisher Girls (themselves)
Jonah Barrington (himself)
Paul Holt (himself)
Peter Gawthorne (Claude Pilkington)
Donald Calthrop (Hobday)
Wally Patch (BBC commissionaire)
Bernard Miles [foreign agent] *
Richard George [official] *
James Hayter *
Michael Hordern *
Forsythe, Seamon and Farrell *
Meinhart Maur *
Charles Oliver *
Gordon Court *
Pat Williams *
Richard Coke *
Noel Dainton *



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