Bakterion (i vivi invidieranno i morti) (1983)

Italy, Spain, 1983
90m, 2582 metres
mono, Italian

An Italian/Spanish science fiction/horror film directed by Teodoro Ricci using the pseudonym Anthony Richmond.

Plot Summary

A scientist is mutated by a deadly bacteria that he’s experimenting on and goes on a murderous rampage.


Directed by: Anthony Richmond [real name: Teodoro Ricci]
Arco Films, European Film Distribuzione, Nuova Glassia Films [all uncredited on English language prints]
Produced by: Marcello Romeo
Story and Screenplay by: Jaime Comas and Victor A. Catena
Director of Photography: Giovanni Bergamini
Editor: Vincenzo Tomassi
Music by: Marcello Giombini
Sound Man: Alessandro Sarandrea
Make-up: Massimo Giustini, Renato Francola
“Monster” Effects Created by: Rino Carboni
Special Effects: Galiano Cataldo
Production Designer: Javier Fernandez

David Warbeck (Captain Kirk)
Janet Agren (Jane Blake)
Roberto Ricci (Professor Adams)
José R. Lifante (Sergeant O’Brien)
Miguel Herrera (Doctor Vince)
Eugenio Benito (Father Braun)
Ovidio Taito
José Maria Labernie (Colonel Rudrige)
Fabian Conde (Borracho)
Vittorio Caló
Franco Ressel (Mr Milton)

Alternative Titles

Monster of Blood – US DVD title
Nightmare Killing- West German video title
Panic- English language title
The Panic – O panikos – Greek video title
Pánico – Spanish title
Pânico - Brazil
Pánik- Hungarian video title
Panik – West German title
Paniikki- Finnish video title
Panique – French title
Zombi 4 – I ekdikisi ton zontanon nekron – Greek title


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