Bad Taste (1987)

New Zealand,
Super 16mm (35mm blow-up), colour, 1.66:1
mono, English

A New Zealand science fiction/horror film directed by Peter Jackson.

Plot Summary

are on the loose in New Zealand, planning a full scale invasion of the Earth. All that stands is their way is Derek and his gang of not-too-bright commandos who have to stop the human eating aliens before they can but their terrible plan into effect.


Director: Peter Jackson
New Zealand Film Commission, WingNut Films
Producer: Peter Jackson
Consultant Producer: Tony Hiles
Script: Peter Jackson
Additional Material: Ken Hammon, Tony Hiles
Director of Photography: Peter Jackson
Editors: Peter Jackson, Jamie Selkirk
Music: Michelle Scullion
Location Sound Recordist: Ken Saville
Make Up Effects: Peter Jackson
Special Effects: Peter Jackson
Locations: Gear Homestead, Porirua, New Zealand; Makara Beach, Wellington, North Island, New Zealand; Pukerua Bay, Wellington, North Island, New Zealand; Titahi Bay, Wellington, North Island, New Zealand

Terry Potter (Ozzy)
Pete O'Herne (Barry)
Craig Smith (Giles)
Mike Minett (Frank)
Peter Jackson (Derek/Robert)
Doug Wren (alien leader)
Dean Lawrie (alien leader effects double)
Peter Vere-Jones (alien leader's voice)
Tony Hiles (Coldfinger)
Dean Lawrie, Terry Potter, Pete O'Herne, Craig Smith, Mike Minett, Ken Hammon, Robin Griggs, Michael Gooch, Peter Gooch, Laurie Yarrall, Shane Yarrall, Philip Lamey, Costa Botes, Graham Butcher, Bob Haliburton, Andrew McKay, Clive Haywood, John McTavish, Graham Nesbitt, Steven Smith, John Logan Jr, Matt Noonan, Cameron Chittock, Ray Battersby, Mike Appleby, Peter Appleby, Mike Kane, Robert Johnston, Scott Bradshaw, Mark Lamey, Giles Forrest, Carol Taylor, Dean Taylor, Kim Taylor, Dave Hamilton, Jock Fyfe, John Ruby, Kerry Underhill, Robin Watene, Garry A. Brown, Mark Jackson, Peter Henderson, Janine Riely, Margaret Byford (3rd class aliens)

Alternative Titles

Carne Humana Precisa-se – Portugese title
Dans l'cul – French Canadian title
Fuori di testa – Italian title
Mal gusto – Argentinian/Spanish title

Extracts included in
Cinema of Unease: A Personal Journey by Sam Neill (1995)
Good Taste Made Bad Taste (1988)

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