Bad Magic (1998)

videotape, colour, 1.33:1
stereo, English

An American horror film directed by John Polonia and Mark Polonia.

Plot Summary

The brother of a man who is gunned down in the street by a brutal gang turns to to help him get .


Directed by: Mark & John Polonia
Copyright 1997
A Polonia Bros. Entertainment production presents [sic]
Produced by: James Grove
Associate Producer: Albert Z. White
Written by: Paul Alan
Director of Photography: Carl Hooper
Editor: B.H. Jenson
Audio Mixer: Kaia Bishop
Special Optical and Make-up Effects: Nu-EFX Group
Additional Visual Effects: Paul Alan
Production Design: Zena Harriete
Voodoo Consultant: Dr Ishmael Atuki

Vincent Simmons [Renny]
Bob Dennis
Todd Carpenter
Dave Harmon
Maria Russo
Brian Berry
Doug Thomas
Adrian Zee
Bruce Hardy (Tobanga)
Melissa Torpy
Armand Sposto
Bill Sweeney
Todd Rimatti
Paul Schiffs
Emma Smithe
Michelle Davis