Bad Karma (1991)

UK, 1991
videotape, colour

A British horror film directed by Alex Chandon.

Plot Summary

Shape-shifting alien mutants worshiping the god Kalima disguise themselves as Hare Krishas and go on the rampage in an S&M brothel in London.


Directed by: Alex Chandon
© Alex Chandon, Duncan Jarman students in Fine Art Kingston Polytechnic 1991
Shape-Shifting Film presents
Produced by: J. Karapateas, Alex Chandon, Duncan Jarman
Written by: Alex Chandon
Edited by: Alex Chandon
Original Soundtrack by: Blob
S&M Costumes by: Carla Linley
Make-up by: Duncan Jarman
Special Effects, Pyrotechnics by: Duncan Jarman
Crew: Theo Chandon, Rob Perkins, Robyn Hazelfoot
Duncan and Alex would like to express their sincere thanks to all those who helped in the making of this film.
Thanks Also to: Gerry Judah Studios Ltd; Canbury Arms; George Foster; Makesan Road squatters; Theatrical Pyrotechnics Ltd; MareGilgallon; Simon, who put up with us; invaluable inspiration from Sam Raimi, Tom Savini, Peter Jackson, Troma, Fangoria, Darkside
Stunts: Dan Barton, Lotu

Julius Barnet (Dave Jackson)
Carmel (Hana)
Lotu (Mr Jackson)
M. Karapateas [real name: Maria Karapateas] (Mrs Jackson)
Adrian Nudel, Ben Perkins, Marcus Raven, Zeno Campbell-Salmon, Joe Carrier, Tom (partygoers

Shape Shifters
Ben Bethel and Dan Barton (leader)
Jon Raven, Oysten Shirley, Ollie Bond, Bill Corbett, Alex Chandon, Ian Duds, Duncan Jarman, Neil, Marcus Raven (disciples)

Julian Portinari (Anthony)
Tom Cox (Roger (Groovey))
Bill Corbett (Pete)
Carla Linley, Estelle Ross, Imogen Duncan, Jenny Billings (S&M girls)
Marcus Raven (S&M client)

Saul Brignell (J.T. Rosebucket)
Nat Lewson (Eugene)
Kim (Mary-Lou)
Duncan Jarman (Bubba)
Neil (Goffer)