Bad Boy Bubby (1993)

Australia, Italy,
35mm film, colour
Dolby Stereo in selected cinemas, English

An Australian/Italian borderline horror film directed by Rolf de Heer.

Plot Summary

After being locked in a basement by his mother for 30 years, the psychologically unbalanced Bubby escapes and is forced to encounter a strange and often hostile world that he simply isn't equipped to deal with.


Directed by: Rolf de Heer
© 1983 Australian Film Finance Corporation Pty Limited, Fandango srl and Bubby Pty Ltd
A Fandango (Rome), Bubby Pty Ltd (Adelaide) production of a film by Rolf de Heer. Made in association with the South Australian Film Corporation. Developed with financial assistance from the South Australian Government. Made with the participation of Australian Film Finance Corporation Pty Limited
Produced by: Domenico Procacci, Giorgio Draskovic and Rolf de Heer
Associate Producer: David Lightfoot
Written by: Rolf de Heer
Director of Photography: Ian Jones
Edited by: Suresh Ayyar
Music by: Graham Tardif
Sound Recordist: James Currie
Costume Design: Beverly Freeman
Makeup, Hair & Wardrobe: Beverly Freeman
Production Designer: Mark Abbott

Nicholas Hope (Bubby)
Claire Benito (Mom)
Ralph Cotterill (Pop)
Carmel Johnson (Angel)
Syd Brisbane (yobbo)
Nikki Price (screaming woman)
Ullie Birve (robbed woman)
Audine Leith (fondled salvo)
Natalie Carr (Cherie the salvo)
Lucia Mastrantone (pizza waitress)
Jip de Heer (treelopper)
James Ammitzboll (Little)
Grant Piro (salesman)
Celine O'Leary (Mercedes woman)
Dave Flannagan (cop/warder)
Paul Philpot (Paul (band singer))
Todd Telford (little Greg (keyboards))
Paul Simpson (big Greg (drummer))
Stephen Smooker (middle Greg (bass))
Peter Monaghan (Steve (guitarist))



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