Bad Blood (1989)

USA, 1993
35mm film, colour
stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Chuck Vincent.

Plot Summary

An artist living in seclusion in an old mansion begins to believe that her dead husband has been reincarnated as her son.


Director: Chuck Vincent
Script: Craig Horrall
Director of Photography: Larry Revene
Editor: James Davalos
Music: Joey Mennona
Costume Designer: Jeffrey Wallach

Ruth Raymond [real name: Georgina Spelvin] (Arlene Bellings)
Gregory Patrick (Ted Barnes)
Linda Blair (Evie Barnes)
Troy Donahue (Jack Barnes)
Carolyn Van Bellinghen (Wanda Barnes)
Wanda-Gayle Logan (Miss Greenfield)
Marion Backman (older woman)
Haskell Phillips (older man)
Frank Stewart (Bobby)
Miriam Zucker (Betty)
Christina Veronica (Crystal)
Harvey Siegel (Jasper Stevenson)
Scott Baker (Henry the tailor)
Veronica Hart (Crystal’s mother)
Tony Gigante (Crystal’s father)
Stan Schwartz (Doctor Hughes)
Dan Chapman (Sheriff Stevens)
Richard Guide (parking boy)
Ronnette L. Lloyd (flower girl)
Ken Marchinko (minister)
Rob Graydon (party host)

Alternative Titles

A Woman Obsessed
A Woman’s Obsession