Backtime (1998)

digital video, colour

An American science fiction film directed by Steven Miller.

Plot Summary

Jase and Kayla are catapulted backwards and forwards 7,000 years into the future where they fight time terrorists and battle against the paradox their time trips are causing.


Directed by: Steven Miller
Producers: Leslie Hidula, Burt Lloyd-Jones
Director of Photography: Peter Appleton
Editor: Patrick Winters
Sound Recordist: Dave Mathew, Daniel Palin
Costume Designer: Fred Beyer
Production Designer: Chris McFadden

Adam Fitzhugh (Jase)
Amanda Coleman (Kayla)
Sherrie Freund [real name: S.K. Freund] (Zymo)
Stephen MacDougall (Thad)
Oona Kersey (Oona)
Tom Baker (Sarge)
Timothy Michaels [real name: Tim Delaney] (Paul)
Tanya Barba (bridesmaid)
Carol Kelsey [real name: Carol Kelsay] (real estate agent)
John Miailovich (groomsman)
Erika L. Sylvester (bridesmaid)
Raphael D. Untalan [real name: Rafael Untalan] (groomsman)