Back from the Dead (1996)

Australia, 1996
videotape, colour, 4:3
stereo, English

An Australian horror film directed by Craig Godfrey.

Plot Summary

June 1837: mass murderer Kavendish escapes from the Port Arthur penal colony and, after committing several acts of murder and cannibalism, vanishes…

Present Day: A scientist and his student are experimenting with past life regression, using the dim-witted Corbet as their subject but the spirit of Kavendish lives on and possesses Corbet, leading to more violence and brutal death.


Director: Craig Godfrey
Pocket Money Productions Tasmania
Producers: Craig Godfrey
Co-producers: Tony Francis, Mark Tomlinson
Script: Craig Godfrey
Director of Photography: Mark Tomlinson
Editor: Dan Yeomans
Music/Performed by: Tony Francis
Sound Recordists/Editors: Sonic Solutions
Period Wardrobe: Kate Stephens
Period Uniforms Made by: Rose Solomon
Make Up: Liz Goulding of Making Faces
Location Make Up: Nicole Frith
Special Effects: Fly Blown Torso FX
Designer: Liz Goulding

Tim Aris (Kavendish/Corbet)
Genevieve Morris (Ruby)
John Xintavelonis (professor)
Josephine Lee (mother)
Chris Baz (Lunas)
Graham Richards (Cecil)
Sybil Edwards (Sky)
Luke Swan (Fish)
David Hadley, Marcus Marriot, Collin Dean, Paul Cooper, Asley Law (Port Arthur guards)
Gareth John, Ian Gordon, Franz Docherty, Michael Hibbert (guards with stretcher)
Michael Lowenstein, Philip Stary, Werner Ihlenfeld, Peter Miller (guard house guards)
Kate Chessells (Astor Grill waitress)
Bob Dickason (dentist)
Col Machen (patient)
Max Keal (ukulele player)
Brierlie Godfrey (cart girl)
Noel Hammersley-Cave (whaler)
Rick Mourant (squashed convict)
Red Beard (shit bucket man)
The Volunteer Artillery (red coats)