Bacchanale (1970)

black and white, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American pornographic fantasy film directed by John and Lem Amero.

Plot Summary

A young woman embarks on a strange and surreal journey through the underworld.


Directed by: John and Lem Amero
© 1978 Cal Vista International Ltd. 1Although copyrighted 1978, the film was made in 1970
An Amero Brothers production. Produced in association with Scardera Enterprises
Produced by: John and Lem Amero
Written by: John and Lem Amero
Photography: John Amero
Editor: Lem Amero
Music Scoring: Firth De Mule [real name: Lem Amero]
Sound: Rico Federico
Costumes: John Brock Benson
Make Up: Lena Lamont
Special Effects: Encore Studios
Set Decoration: Alexandra D'Largo

Uta Erickson (Ruth)
Stanley Camel [real name: Stanley Kamel] (the lover)
Dick Sherman (1st bearer)
Donie Lee 2In opening credits – Donny Lee in end credits] (Go Go)
Bernie Richards
Richard Jennings (Timothy)
Anna Riva [real name: Roberta Findlay] (1st mourner)
Mike Burns
Jack Benson
Warren Miles (3rd bearer)
Ron Babin (man in coffin/2nd bearer)
Pat Agers (2nd model)
Chuck Federico (guitarist)
Allen Brandy
Bruce West
Darcy & LaRue (dancers)
Darcy Brown (fashion M.C.)
Lydia Burns (fag hag)
Patricia Kleb (Louise)
Roberta Scardera (1st model)

Alternative Titles

Bacchanale – die totale Erotik – West German title
Idiaiteres epithymies – Greek title


by Walt Lee p.23 – credits