Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend (1985)

35mm film, Super Techniscope, Technicolor, 2.35:1
Dolby, English

An American science fiction film directed by Bill L. Norton.

Plot Summary

A husband and wife palaeontologist team discover a family of brontosaurs alive and well in a West African jungle. But a villanous rival has his own plans for the and race is on to get the creatures to safety before they can be captured and exploited for financial gain.


Director: Bill L. Norton
Walt Disney Pictures, Silver Screen Partners II, Touchstone Pictures
Executive Producer: Roger Spottiswoode
Producer: Jonathan T. Taplin
Associate Producer/Unit Production Manager: E. Darrell Hallenbeck
Script: Clifford Green, Ellen Green
Director of Photography: John Alcott
Editors: Howard Smith, David Bretherton
Music: Jerry Goldsmith
Production Sound Mixer: Kirk Francis
Costume Department Supervisor (USA): Jack Sandeen
Make Up (USA): Robert J. Schiffer
Make Up (UK): Kevin Board, Maureen Stephenson
Hair (UK): Karen Dawson
Special Effects Supervisor: Roland Tantin
Dinosaur Creators/Engineers: Isidoro Raponi, Roland Tantin
Mechanical Effects: David Domeyer, Hans Metz, Joe Digaetano, John Parker, Mike Reedy, Richard Hill
Production Designer: John B. Mansbridge, Raymond G. Storey

William Katt (George Loomis)
Sean Young (Susan Matthews-Loomis)
Patrick McGoohan (Doctor Eric Kiviat)
Julian Fellowes (Nigel Jenkins)
Kyalo Mativo (Cephu)
Hugh Quarshie (Kenge Obe)
Olu Jacobs (Colonel Nsogbu)
Eddie Tagoe (Sergeant Gambwe)
Edward Hardwicke (Dr Pierre Dubois)
Julian Curry (Etienne)
Alexis Meless (guide)
Susie Nottingham (Baki, the laboratory assistant)
Stephane Krora (port captain)
Anthony Sarfoh (village chief)
Jeannot Banny (killed soldier)
Roger Carlton (old African)
Therese Taba (colleague)

Alternative Titles

Baby – Das Geheimnis einer verlorenen Legende
– Germany
Baby – Ha-Agada Sh'Uvda
– Israel
Baby, il segreto della leggenda perduta
– Italy
Baby – Jungelens hemmelighet
– Norway
Baby – kadonneen legendan arvoitus
– Finland
Baby – O Segredo da Floresta Perdida
– Portugal
Dinosaur… Secret of the Lost Legend
– USA (television)



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