Baby Rosemary (1976)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American pornographic horror film directed by John Hayes using the pseudonym Howard Perkins.


Directed by: Howard Perkins [real name: John Hayes]
© [not given on screen]
Production Companies: Essex Pictures Company presents
Produced by: Bill Steele
Screenplay: Ruth Price and Virgil Rome
Camera: John Lyons
Editor: Luke Porano
Sound: Terry Knight
Costumes: Yvonne

Sharon Thorpe (Rosemary)
John Leslie Dupre [real name: John Leslie] (John)
Lesllie Bovee [real name: Leslie Bovee] (Unis)
Ken Cotton [real name: Ken Scudder] (Mick)
Samantha King [real name: Monique Cardin] (Kate)
John Seeman (Ronald)
Candida Royale [real name: Candida Royalle] (Tracy)
Melba Poché [real name: Melba Bruce] (Marsh)
Dale Meador (Thomas Price)
Tino Costello
Ralph Johnson
Rhoda Forbes



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