Baby Geniuses (1999)

94m (Netherlands; UK; USA), 97m (Argentina; Spain)
SDDS, English

An American fantasy film directed by Bob Clark.

Plot Summary

A pair of scientists working for Babyco, a massive multinational specialising in baby products, learn how to understand what babies and toddlers are saying to each other. They discover a secret language hitherto known only to children which they hope to use to learn the profound secrets of life that all babies are born with but which they forget with age. But one of the kids escapes from the lab and leads the children of the local community against the Babyco scientists.


Director: Bob Clark
Crystal Sky Communications, Triumph
Executive Producer: David Saunders
Co-Executive Producers: Hank Paul, Jon Voight
Producer: Steven Paul
Script: Bob Clark, Greg Michael
Story: Steven Paul, Francisca Matos, Robert Grasmere
Director of Photography: Stephen M. Katz
Editor: Stan Cole
Music: Paul Zaza
Costume Designer: Betty Pecha Madden
Make-Up Department Head: Shauna Giesbrecht
Special Make Up/Creature Effects: Michael Burnett
Special Effects: Michael Burnett Productions
Visual Effects Supervisor: Jacques Stroweis
Animation Supervisor: Joe Strasser
Lead Animator: Matt Kelly
Production Designer: Francis J. Pezza

Kathleen Turner (Elena)
Christopher Lloyd (Heep)
Kim Cattrall (Robin)
Peter MacNicol (Dan)
Dom DeLuise (Lenny)
Ruby Dee (Margo)
Kyle Howard (Dickie)
Kaye Ballard (Mayor)
Leo Fitzgerald, Myles Fitzgerald, Gerry Fitzgerald (Sly/Whit)
Connor Leggett, Griffin Leggett (Basil)
Megan Robbins, Gabrielle Robbins (Carrie)
Brianna McConnell, Brittany McConnell (Lexi)
Jacob Handy, Zachary Handy (Duby)
Amanda Fein, Caitlin Fein (Teddie)
Jim Hanks (goon Ray)
Sam McMurray (goon Bob)
Bill Wiley (wino)
Randy Travis (control room technician)
Judith Drake (911 lady)
Melissa Bickerton (diaper cart nurse)

Alternative Titles

Die Baby-Gang – Germany (promotional title)
Un genio in pannolino – Italy
Die Windel-Gang
– Germany

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