Baby Blood (1989)

France, 1989
digital video, colour
Dolby Stereo, French

A French horror film directed by Alain Robak.

Plot Summary

A circus owner abuses his pregnant wife then takes delivery of a new leopard which promptly dies. But an ancient evil spirit living inside the leopard possesses the man's unborn child and starts demanding blood.


A Film by: Alain Robak
© by Exo 7 Productions – Partner's Productions 1989. Visa d'exploitation no.70 318
Neuf de couer presents. Partner's Productions/Exo 7 Productions present
Produced by: Ariel Zeitoun, Joëlle Malberg, Irène Sohm
Scenario and Dialogue: Alain Robak, Serge Cukier
Director of Photography: Bernard Déchet
Editor: Elisabeth Moulinier
Music: Carlos Acciari
Sound Engineers: Yves Laisné, Serge Richard, Frederic Giovanelli, Pierre Lemenuel
Special Make-up and Monster Creator: Benoît Lestang
Mechanical Special Effects: Jean-Marc Toussaint
Pyrotechnic Special Effects: Guy Monbillard, Pierre Gallotte
Costumes: Zazou Gagarine

Emmanuelle Escourrou (Yanka)
Jean-François Gallotte (Richard)
Christian Sinniger (Lohman)
François Frapier (livreur léopard)
Thierry Le Portier (dompteur)
Roselyne Geslot (Rosette)
Rémy Roubakha (passager taxi)
Eric Averlant (chauffeur car)
Roger Placenta [real name: Alain Robak] (voice of the monster)
Alain Chabat (passant cinéma)
Jacques Audiard (jogger)
Jean-Claude Romer (homme hurlant)
Jean-Yves Lafesse (camionneur)
Yann Piquer (clochard)
Anne Singer (concierge)
Pierre Cadeac (le passant au chien)
Chimbot le chien (Baxter le chien)
Dominique Treillou
Jean-Pierre Piardon

Alternative Titles

The Evil Within

Extracts included in
Mauvaises fréquentations (1999)



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