Babes in Toyland (1934)

35mm film, black and white (Sepiatone); colourised version also available, 1.37:1
mono (Western Electric Sound System), English

An American fantasy film directed by Gus Meins and Charley Rogers, the latter using the name Charles Rogers. Production began on August 1934 and it was released in November 1934.

Plot Summary

Ollie Dee and Stanley Dum try to help Mother Peep who is facing eviction from her shoe thanks and to keep Little Bo Peep from the evil Barnaby.


Directed by: Gus Meins and Charles Rogers [real name: Charley Rogers]
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer [logo] Hal Roach presents
Screen Play by: Frank Butler and Nick Grinde
Photography: Art Lloyd and Francis Corby
Film Editors: William Terhune and Bert Jordan
Composed by: Victor Herbert
Musical Director: Harry Jackson
Book and Lyrics by: Glen MacDonough
Recording Engineer: Elmer Raguse

Stan Laurel (Stannie Dum)
Oliver Hardy (Ollie Dee)
Virginia Karns (Mother Goose)
Charlotte Henry (Bo-Peep)
Felix Knight (Tom-Tom)
Florence Roberts (Widow Peep)
Henry Kleinbach [real name: Henry Brandon] (Barnaby)

Alternative Titles

2 kunnon kisälliä – Finnish re-release title
Abenteuer im Spielzeugland – German title
Bange for Bussemænd – Danish title
Böse Buben im Wunderland – German title
Dick & Doof – Rache ist süß – West German title
Egyszzer volt, hol nem volt – Hungarian title
Era uma Vez Dois Valentes – Brazilian title
Era uma Vez… Dois Valentes – Portuguese title
Il était une bergère – French Belgian title
Flip i Flap w krainie cudów – Polish title
Gøg og Gokke på eventyr – Danish re-release title
Había una vez dos héroes – Mexican, Spanish title
O hondros kai o Lignos stin paihnidoupoli – Greek re-release title
Hondros – Lignos – Oi 2 gafatzides – Greek re-release title
Im Land des Lachens – German DVD title
Oi kallikantzaroi – Greek title
Land des Lachens – Austrian title
Laurel & Hardy – Rache ist süß – German DVD title
Leikkikaluarmeija – Finnish video title
March of the Wooden Soldiers – alternative title
La marcha de los soldaditos de madera – Chilean, Spanish DVD title
Marşul soldăţeilor de lemn – Romanian title
Nel paese delle meraviglie – Italian title
Rache im Wunderland – German DVD title
Rache ist süss – German title
Revenge is Sweet: March of the Wooden Soldiers – US advertising title
Riddarna av den sorgliga skepnaden – Swedish Finnish title
Stan és Pan – A Mosoly Országában – Hungarian title
Surullisen hahmon ritarit – Finnish title
Träsoldaternas marsch – Swedish 16mm title
Un jour une bergère – French, French Belgian title
Victor Herbert's Babes in Toyland – alternative title
Victor Herbert's March of the Wooden Soldiers – alternative title
Малята в Краiнi iграшок – Ukrainian title
Марш деревянных солдатиков – Soviet Russian title

Extracts included in
Dick und Doof – Superschau des Lachens (1966)
You Better Watch Out (1980)


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