Baba Yaga (1973)

Italy, France,
81m (UK – theatrical), 91m
35mm film, Eastmancolor
Italian, mono

An Italian/French horror film directed by Corrado Farina.

Plot Summary

Since meeting the mysterious Baba Yaga, life has been getting a little strange for photographer Valentina. She's been suffering weird nightmares and she seems to have fallen under some kind of spell cast by Baba Yaga, a witch who wants to possess her body and soul.


Directed by: Corrado Farina
© [not given on screen]
A 14 Luglio Cinematografica production. 14 Luglio Cinematografica s.r.l. Rome, Simone Allouche Productions Paris
Executive Producer: Pino de Martino
Adapted for the Screen by: Corrada Farina
From the Strip Cartoon by: Guido Crepax
Additional Scenes by: Giulio Berruti
Additional Dialogue by: François de Lannurien
Director of Photography: Aiace Parolin
Film Editor: Giulio Berruti
Music by: Piero Umiliani
Sound Technician: Mario Piovan
Costumes: Giulia Mafai
Make-up Artiste: Oretta Melaranci [real name: Orietta Melaranci]
Hairstylist: Sergio Gennari
Art Direction: Giulia Mafai

Carroll Baker
George Eastman
Isabelle De Funès (Valentina Rosselli)
Ely Galleani (Annette)
Daniela Balzaretti (Romina)
Mario M. Giorgetti (Carlo)
Sergio Masieri (Sandro)
Angela Covello (Toni)
Cesarina Amendola (Baba Yaga's neighbour)
Mario Paolo Giordani
Carla Mancini
Giorgio Pellizone
Lorenzo Piani
Natalie E. Spleptzow
Rodolfo Zola

Alternative Titles

Baba Yaga – The Devil Witch – USA
Black Magic
Devil Witch
The Devil's Witch
Kiss Me, Kill Me
– USA (video)



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