B.O.R.N. (1988)

35mm film, colour

An American science fiction film directed by Ross Hagen. In 1995, Troma released the film on DVD under the new title Merchants of Death, replacing William Belote's original score with a new one by Peter Meisner and completely re-doing the credits. This new version was re-copyrighted 1995.

Plot Summary

The sinister Body Organ Replacement Network is harvesting healthy human organs from unwilling donors for sale on the black market.


Directed by: Ross Hagen
© [original version titled B.O.R.N.] 1988 The Movie Outfit, Inc. [Troma version titled Merchants of Death] ©1995 The Moving Picture Facctory
[original version titled B.O.R.N.] A Movie Outfit production. [Troma version titled Merchants of Death] Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz present a Troma Team release. A Moving Picture Factory production
Executive Producer: Skip Holm
Produced by: Claire Hagen
Screenplay: Ross Hagen and Hoke Howell
Director of Photography: Gary Graver
Editor: Diana Friedberg
Music: William Belote [original version]; Peter Meisner [Troma version]
Sound Mixer: David Waelder
Costumes: Pam Stewart, Lisa Cacavas
Make-Up: Valerie McKnight
Art Director: Shirley Thompson

Ross Hagen (Buck Cassidy)
Hoke Howell (Charley Stack)
P.J. Soles (Liz)
William Smith (Dr Farley)
Russ Tamblyn (Hugh)
Amanda Blake (Rosie)
Rance Howard (Robert Morrison)
Clint Howard (Jerry)
Claire Hagen (Della Cassidy)
Wendy Cook (Trish)
Debra Lamb (Sue)
Kelly Mullis (Marybeth)
Deanne Henry (Nurse Doris)
Corine Cook (Jody)
Louie Elias (Dan)
Steven Barr (Ray)
Johnny Stewart (Bobby Joe)
Aspa Nakopolau (Diane) [listed in opening but not closing titles of the Troma version]
Greg Cummins (Sidney)
William Knight (Dr Tiller) [credited as Wiliam Knight in the opening credits of the Troma version]

Alternative Titles

Merchants of Death – US DVD title



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