Avenger Penguins (1993-1994)

UK, 22 September -9 December 1994
2 series, 26 episodes, average 22m each
colour, 4:3

A British animated fantasy television series created by Cosgrove Hall Films.


Three motorcycle riding – Marlon, Rocky and Bluey – defend Big City from evil scientist Caractacus P. Doom.


Executive Producer: Mark Hall, Brian Cosgrove
Producer: Ben Turner
Music: Phil Bush

Jimmy Hibbert
Lorelei King
Mike McShane
Rob Rackstraw

Alternative Titles

Hell's Penguins – working title


Series One

The President is a Fish! (22 September 1993)
Doom tries to replace the president with a clone and when Marlon and Rocky are captured they are turned into fish.

The Hog Jamboree (29 September 1993)
Marlon enters the Hog Jamboree which Doom has rigged and Bluey has to re-program Doom's missile to save the day.

The Quantum Mechanic (6 October 1993)
Doom uses Bluey's brain to bring to life monsters from his favourite show, Quantum Mechanic and Googerplex.

Big City, Little City (13 October 1993)
Doom tries to use an orbiting satellite to shrink Big City's population and replace them with monsters.

Computer Chaos (20 October 1993)
Doom brings video game villains to life and sends Marlon and Rocky into a computer game.

I Married an Android! (27 October 1993)
Doom uses an android to try to brainwash Marlon into a life of suburban bliss.

Cat Pig-Cat of Iron (3 November 1993)
Irv's nephew Billy Neptune comes to stay and is convinced that he is a super-hero.

Nightmare at Tea-Time (10 November 1993)
The penguins' dreams are invaded by Doom's nightmare machine.

Star Struck (17 November 1993)
An alien film fan visits the set where the penguins are working as stuntmen.

The Labyrinth of Doom (24 November 1993)
The penguins take on The Stink Brothers in an underground motorcycle challenge.

The Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild West (1 December 1993)
Professor Boring and his wife Euphoria call on the penguins when the transanium crystal powering their time machine is stolen by Doom.

A Winter's Tale (8 December 1993)
Doom sacks his sidekick Harry Slime and sends him into the cold where he is befriended by a fairy.

The Revenge of Doom (15 December 1993)
Doom has been trapped on Mars for a year but now he's back and looking for revenge.

Series Two

The 23rd Century (16 September 1994)
The penguins travel into the future to take on Doom's descendant Lucidious Q. Doom who is planning to use a freezing ray on the planet.

Mommy's Boy (23 September 1994)
Rocky's mother comes to visit and takes him out shopping.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Penguin? (30 September 1994)
Doom replaces Slime with the more efficient Miss DeMeanor but soon regrets it and is forced to team up with Slime to get rid of her.

Surprise Fate (7 October 1994)
The Penguins appear as guests on a TV dating show which has been rigged by Doom.

High Doom (14 October 1994)
In the Old West, Beauregarde Doom and his gang try to rob a bank.

The Jewel in the Crown (21 October 1994)
Marlon and Bluey are trapped in a sleazy nightclub where Doom is trying to buy a diamond.

A Christmas Carol (28 October 1994)
Doom blacks out Big City by cutting off the power and comes to regret his actions.

Fishfinger (4 November 1994)
Rocky is hired by the President to infiltrate Zigmund Fishfinger's lair and rescue Miss Leatherclad-Fullerain.

Disgusting or What? (11 November 1994)
Doom creates a monster composed of the Big City's most unpleasant garbage but loses control of it.

Rock ‘n' Roll Penguins (18 November 1994)
Doom tries to blow up the penguins with their own bikes.

The Computer of Doom (25 November 1994)
Doom attacks the international computer networks with a virus and it's up to Bluey to save the day.

Sherlock's Penguins (2 December 1994)
The penguins travel to London to take on Doom's equally evil cousin, Professor Moriarty who has released a drug into the city's water supply.

Beauties and the Beasts (9 December 1994)
Doom creates two women who can make themselves alternatively beautiful and ugly but inevitably it all goes horribly wrong…



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