Auton Awakening (1999)

videotape, colour

A British science fiction film directed by Patricia Merrick and Bill Baggs. It is the third in a series of spin-offs from the television series (1963-1989).

Plot Summary

In the aftermath of the Millhampton Event, the entire world is bracing itself for a full-scale Auton invasion. are desperately searching for their missing agent Lockwood who the is using to channel its energy. Fellow UNIT agent Palmer leads an attack on a desperate mission into Auton control. Will he be able to find Lockwood before the Nestene and its Auton soldiers destroy life on Earth?


Directed by: Patricia Merrick, Bill Baggs
© BBV 1999
A Reeltime Pictures presentation. BBV
Producer: Bill Baggs
[Written] By: Arthur Wallis [real name: Nicholas Briggs]
Additional Material by: Paul Ebbs
Nestene and Auton Concepts: Robert Holmes
Second Assistants [Directors]: Blaine Coughlan, Peter Trapani, Paul Ebbs
Cameraman: Bill Baggs
Music: Alistair Lock
Sound Recordists: Ray Turner, Darko Mocilnikar, David Haynes
Sound Design: Alistair Lock
Make-up: Claire Fisher, Charlene O'Sullivan, Ethlynne
Digital Effects: Ben Smith
Catering: Marian Baggs, Helen Baggs
Special Thanks to: Leatherhead Hospital; Sutton & East Surrey; Andy Bell; BBC South

George Telfer (Winslet)
Helen Baggs (nurse)
Andrew Fettes (Sergeant Ramsay)
Bryonie Pritchard (Dr Sally Arnold)
Peter Trapani (Dalby)
Graeme du Fresne (Ross Palmer)
Michael Wade (Lockwood)
Jo Castleton (Natasha Alexander)
Blaine Coughlan, Alex, Steve Johnson, Peter Trapani ()

Alternative Titles

Auton 3 – alternative title
Auton 3: Awakening – working title

Sequel to
Auton (1997)
Auton 2: Sentinel (1998)

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