Auton 2: Sentinel (1998)

videotape, colour

A British science fiction film directed by Nicholas Briggs. It is the second in a series of spin-offs from the television series (1963-1989).

Plot Summary

Two years after the Nestene disappeared from 's top secret Warehouse containment facility, it reappears along with its deadly soldiers. UNIT agent Lockwood and scientific advisor Natasha Alexander join forces to combat the menace – but are either of them quite what they seem to be?


Directed by: Nicholas Briggs
© BBV 1998
Producer: Bill Baggs
Written by: Nicholas Briggs
U.N.I.T. Concept Created by: Derrick Sherwin
Nestene and Auton Concepts Created by: Robert Holmes
First Asst Director: David Rowston
Second Assistant Director: Patricia Merrick, Blaine Coughlan
Lighting: Martyn Welch
Camera Assistants: David Haynes, Michael Baggs
Music: Alistair Lock
Sound [Recordists]: Ray Turner, Darko Mocilnikar
Sound Design: Alistair Lock
Make-up: Claire Fisher, Kelly Jones
Pyrotechnics: Gabriel Mykaj
Digital Effects: Benjamin Smith
Production Associate: David Rowston
Adviser: Gabriel Mykaj
Armourer: Mike Parry
Special Thanks to: Elisabeth Mykaj; Malcolm Read, Broad Mead Farm; Rev Geoffrey Rowston, St Mary's Church; Rob Denning and the crew of Light; New Forest District Council, Hurst Spit; Pamela and Jimmy Briggs; Marian Baggs

Michael Wade (Lockwood)
Jo Castleton (Natasha Alexander)
George Telfer (Winslet)
John Wadmore (Colonel Wilson)
Andrew Fettes (Sergeant Ramsay)
Bryonie Pritchard (Dr Sally Arnold)
Warren Howard (Daron)
Patricia Merrick (Charlotte)
David Rowston (Dave)
Nicholas Briggs (Mike)
John Hawkins (Hardgraves)
John Hansell (Davis)
Jayson Bridges, Keith Brooks, Stephen Bradshaw, Vaughan Groves, Mark Moore, Gabriel Mykaj, Richard Smith, Blane Coughlan (U.N.I.T. soldiers)
Steven Friel, Peter Trapani, Pete Cox, Rod Horne, Alexander Wylie, John Walker, Mark Jende, Matthew Bradford, Ian Taylor, Philip Clarke, Randalph Edwards, Loraine Malby, Peter Frankum, Keith Burton, Robert Dunlop, Caroline O'Sullivan, Thomas O'Sullivan, Andrew Hasley (villagers)

Alternative Titles

Auton 2: The Rapture – working title
Auton: Sentinel – reissue title

Sequel to
Auton (1997)

Auton Awakening (1999)

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