Auton (1997)

videotape, colour

A British science fiction film directed by Nicholas Briggs. It is the first in a series of spin-offs from the television series (1963-1989).

Plot Summary

Following their battles alongside The Doctor against alien aggressors, the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce have to store the alien technology left behind. In The Warehouse, 's top secret storage and research establishment, are the detritus left over from their past battles. But something isn't quite as dormant as it seems and an old enemy is about to return.


* = uncredited

Director: Nicholas Briggs
© BBV 1997
A Reeltime Pictures presentation. BBV
Producer: Bill Baggs
Production Manager: Annalesa Hurt
Screenplay by: Nicholas Briggs
and Nestenes Created by: Robert Holmes *
UNIT Created by: Derrick Sherwin *
First Assistant Directors: Ben Hicklin
Second Assistants: Blane Coughlan, Samantha Hardman
Lighting Cameraman: Andy Bell
Assistant: Simon Alderdice
Technical Engineer: Rob Belton
Editor: Bill Baggs
Music: Alistair Lock
Sound Recordist: Ray Turner
Assistant: Darko Mocilnikar
Sound Design: Alistair Lock
Costume Designer: Elisabeth Mykaj
Make-Up Designer: Zoë Randall
Assistant: Cath Rayner
Visual Effects Supervisor: Gabriel Mykaj
Assistants: Roy Hughes, Mike Parry
Special Props Designed and Cosntructed by: David Brian
Scenic Design: David Rowston
Assistant: Gareth Baggs
Military Adviser: Gabriel Mykaj
We gratefully acknowledge the co-operation of Dr M K Thompson and Shirley Thompson
Thanks to Vetrepharm Ltd for their help in this production

Michael Wade (Lockwood)
Bryonie Pritchard (Dr Sally Arnold)
George Telfer (Graham Winslet)
Verona Chard (Janice)
Reece Shearsmith (Dr Dan Matthews)
Andrew Fettes (Sergeant Ramsay)
Roy Hughes, Gabriel Mykaj, Mike Parry, David Ringwood, Richard Smith (UNIT soldiers)
John Ainsworth, Gareth Baggs, Blane Coughlan, David Ringwood (Autons)

Auton 2: Sentinel (1998)
Auton Awakening (1999)

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