Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)

Super 35mm (anamorphic), colour, 2.35:1
Dolby Digital/Dolby EX 6.1/DTS/SDDS, English

An American comedy science fiction film directed by Jay Roach.

Plot Summary

travels back in time to steal ' mojo. Powers himself must travel back to the 1960s where he teams up with agent Felicity Shagwell to thwart the mad doctor's insane plans for global domination.


Director: Jay Roach
Eric's Boy, Moving Pictures, Team Todd
Executive Producer: Michael De Luca, Donna Langley, Erwin Stoff
Producers: John S. Lyons, Eric McLeod, Demi Moore, Mike Myers, Jennifer Todd, Suzanne Todd
Associate Producer: Emma Chasin
Script: Michael McCullers, Mike Myers
Characters: Mike Myers
Director of Photography: Ueli Steiger
Editors: Debra Neil-Fisher, Jon Poll
Music: George S. Clinton
Costume Designer: Deena Appel
Special Effects: Digiscope/Pacific Vision Productions / Stan Winston Studio
Production Designer: Rusty Smith

Mike Myers (Austin Danger Powers/Dr Evil/Fat Bastard)
Mike Myers (Austin Danger Powers/Dr Evil/Fat Bastard)
Heather Graham (Felicity Shagwell)
Michael York (Basil Exposition)
Robert Wagner (Number Two)
Rob Lowe (young Number Two)
Seth Green (Scott Evil)
Mindy Sterling (Frau Farbissina)
Verne Troyer (Mini-Me)
Elizabeth Hurley (Mrs Vanessa Kensington Powers)
Gia Carides (Robin Spitz Swallows)
Oliver Muirhead (British Colonel)
George Kee Cheung (Chinese teacher)
Jeffrey Meng (Chinese student)
Muse Watson (Klansman)
Scott Cooper (Bobby)
Douglas Fisher (man (pecker))
Kevin Cooney (NORAD colonel)
Clint Howard (Johnson)
Brian Hooks (pilot)
David Koechner (co-pilot)

Alternative Titles

008 la spia che mi ha sedotto – Italian promotional title
Austin Powers la spia che ci provava – Italian title
Austin Powers – Spion in geheimer Missionarsstellung – German title
Austin Powers 2 – working title
Austin Powers 2: It's Shagging Time – working title
It's Shagging Time – working title
The Return of Dr Evil – working title

Sequel to
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)

Extracts included in
Movie Mistakes Uncovered Uncut… (2002)


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