Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957)

black and white, 1.37:1 (original ratio); 1.78:1
mono (Westrex Recording System), English

An American science fiction film directed by Roger Corman.

Plot Summary

A group of on a remote Pacific island discover that has transformed into .


* = uncredited

Directed by: Roger Corman
© MCMLVII [1957] by Allied Artists Pictures Corporation
Allied Artists Pictures Corporation presents; Los Altos, Inc. *
Produced by: Roger Corman
Associate Producer: Charles B. Griffith
Screenplay by: Charles Griffith
Photographer: Floyd Crosby
Film Editor: Charles Gross Jr
Music by: Ronald Stein
Sound: Bob Post *
Ryder Sound
Make-up: Curly Batson
Underwater Locations: Marineland of the Pacific

Richard Garland (Dale Drewer)
Pamela Duncan (Martha Hunter)
Russell Johnson (Hank Chapman)
Leslie Bradley (Dr Karl Weigand)
Mel Welles (Jules Deveroux)
Richard Cutting (Dr James Carson)
Beech Dickerson (Ron Fellows)
Tony Miller (Jack Summers)
Ed Nelson (Ensign Quinlan[/crab monster])
Maitland Stuart
Charles B. Griffith (Tate, dying seaman)
Robin Riley
Doug Roberts

Alternative Titles

L'assalto dei granchi gigantic – Italy
Atak potwornych krabów
– Poland
El ataque de los cangrejos gigantes
– Spain, Venezuela
Ataque de los monstruos
– Mexico
O Ataque dos Caranguejos Gigantes
– Portugal
L'Attaque des crabes géants
– France
A rákszörnyek támadása
– Hungary

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