Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958)

35mm film, black and white
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Nathan Hertz.

Plot Summary

A UFO lands in California and a giant, bald-headed alien emerges to terrify cuckolded wife Nancy Archer as it tries to steal her diamond necklace. Cheating husband Harry, meanwhile, is with his lover, Honey Parker in the local bar, discussing Nancy's emotional problems brought on by her excessive drinking – so naturally, no-one believes her unlikely tale when a distressed Nancy gets home. Harry tries to have Nancy committed but a second encounter with the alien transforms Nancy into a 50 foot tall monster who goes on the rampage looking for the unfaithful Harry.


Directed by: Nathan Hertz
© copyright MCMLVIII [1958] by Allied Artists Pictures Corporation
Allied Artists Pictures Corporation presents a Woolner production [opening titles]. A Woolner Brothers production [closing titles]
Executive Producer: Jacques Marquette
Produced by: Bernard Woolner
Written by: Mark Hanna
Assistant Director: Ken Walters
Director of Photography: Jacques R. Marquette
Film Editor: Edward Mann
Music Composed and Conducted by: Ronald Stein
Sound: Philip Mitchell
Ryder Sound Services
Make-Up: Carlie Taylor
Properties: Richard Rubin
Locations: Tarzana, Los Angeles, California, USA *

Allison Hayes (Nancy Archer)
William Hudson (Harry Archer)
Yvette Vickers (Honey Parker)
Roy Gordon (Dr Cushing)
George Douglas (Sheriff Dubbitt)
Ken Terrell (Jess Stout)
Otto Waldis (Dr Von Loeb)
Eileene Stevens (nurse)
Mike Ross (Tony/space giant)
Frank Chase (Deputy Charlie)

Alternative Titles

The Astounding Giant Woman – working title
Ataje de la mujera de 15 metros – Spanish title
L'Attaque de la femme de 50 pieds – French title
Jättiläisnaisen hyökkäys – Finnish title

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