Ator l’invincibile 2 (1983)

35mm film, colour,
mono, Italian

An Italian fantasy film directed by Joe D'Amato using the pseudonym David Hills.

Plot Summary

and his sidekick Thong take on the evil Zor who has captured Ator's mentor.


Director: David Hills [real name: Joe D'Amato]
Metaxa Corporation, Royal Film Traders
Executive Producer: Alex Susmann
Producer: John Newman
Associate Producer: Chris Trainor
Script: David Hills [real name: Joe D'Amato]
Director of Photography: Federico Slonisco [real name: Joe D'Amato]
Editor: David Framer
Music: Carlo Rustichelli
Production Sound Recordist: Wiley Crosby
Make Up: Pat Russel
Art Director: John Gregory

Miles O'Keefe (Ator)
Lisa Foster (Lisa Raines) (Mila)
David Cain Houghton (Zor/Zoran)
Charles Borromel (Akrones/Akronos)
Chen Wong (Thong)
Robert Black (High Priest/Bor)
Donald Hodson (village elder)
Sthephan [sic] Soffer (Ravani)
Ned Steinberg (Wallon)
Herschel Curtis (Sandur)
Sandra Carle (old woman)
Nancy Hall (1st maiden)
Linette Ray (2nd maiden)
Robert Karshin (1st youth)
Andy Stradly (2nd youth)
Steve Rivers (3rd youth)
Curtis Hershel [real name: Osiride Peverello] (Sander)

Alternative Titles

Ator – Der Unbesiegbare – West German title
Ator II – Finnish title
Ator the Invincible
Ator, The Blade Master
The Blade Master
– US title
Cave Dwellers – US television title
The Return

Sequel to
Ator l'invincibile (1982)

Iron Warrior (1987)
Quest for the Mighty Sword (1990)

Extracts included in
This is MST3K (1992)


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