Ator l’invincibile (1982)

35mm film, Telecolor
Dolby Stereo, Italian
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An Italian fantasy film directed by Joe D'Amato (using the pseudonym David Hills) and an uncredited Michele Soavi.

Plot Summary

, son of Torren, sets out to avenge the slaughter of his fellow villagers at the hands of the evil Dakkar. Along the way, he rescues his sister (and lover) from Dakkar's spider cult, does battle with zombie warriors, tangles with a witch and is forced to fight a giant spider.


* = uncredited

Directed by: David Hills [real name: Joe D'Amato]; Michele Soavi *
© 1982 Filmirage S.r.l.
Helen Sarlui presents
Produced by: Alex Susmann
Written by: David Hills [real name: Joe D'Amato]; José Maria Sánchez * 1Although the on-screen credits list “David Hills” as sole author of Ator's screenplay, in Spaghetti Nightmares, D'Amato states that it was actually written by Sanchez.
Director of Photography: Frederick Slonisco [real name: Joe D'Amato]
Film Editor: David Framer
Music: Carlo Maria Cordio
Production Sound Recordist: Wiley Crosby
Wardrobe: Kim Dascovitz
Make-Up: Pat Russel
Art Director: John Gregory

Miles O'Keefe (Ator)
Sabrina Sianni (Roon)
Ritza Brown (Sunya)
Dakkar (high priest of the spider)
Laura Gemser (Indun)
Edmund Purdom (Griba)
Chandra Vazzoler (woman in the tavern)
Nat Williams [real name: Nello Pazzafini] (Bardok)
Jean Lopez (Nordya)
Olivia Goods (queen)
Brooke Hart *
Warren Hillman *
Ron Carter *
Small Bear [Keog] *

Alternative Titles

Ator, l'aquila battante – alternative title
Ator the Fighting Eagle – UK
Ator el poderoso – Spain
Ator le conquerant – France
Ator l'invincibile Ator – France (video)
Ator Herr des Feuers – Germany
Ator Och Spindlarnas Konung – Sweden
Ator – publicity title

Ator l'invincibile 2 (1983)
Iron Warrior (1985)
Quest for the Mighty Sword (1989)



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