At the Villa Rose (1920)

35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1

A British borderline horror film directed by Maurice Elvey.


* = uncredited

Produced Under the Sole Direction of: Maurice Elvey
Stoll Film Company, Ltd. present
Scenario by: Sinclair Hill
Adapted from the famous novel by A.E.W. Mason
Photography by: Paul Burger
Sets: Walter Murton *
The scenes in this picture were acted and photographed on the Riviera and the Mediterranean Coast….

Teddy Arundell [Inspector Hanaud] *
Norman Page [Julius Ricardo] *
Eva Westlake [Mme. Dauvray] *
Manora Thew [Celia Harland] *
Kate Gurney [Helene] *
J.L. Boston [Besnard] *
Armand Lenders [Perichet] *
Langhorn Burton [Harry Weathermill] *
Joan Beverley [Adele Rossignol] *

At the Villa Rose (1930)
At the Villa Rose (1939)

Extracts included in
Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood (1996)



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