Astronauts (1981-1983)

UK, 26 October -7 December 1981
2 series, 13 episodes, average 30m each
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British science fiction sitcom created by Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie.


The misadventures of Britain's first manned space mission, with two men, a woman doctor and a dog named Bimbo being cooped up in a two room space station. With their only contact with the rest of humanity channelled through a gruff and often obnoxious ground controller, morale breaks down altogether and intra-group tension threatens to bring the mission to a disastrous conclusion.

The (1982)


Series One
Episode One (26 October 1981)
Episode Two (2 November 1981)
Episode Three (9 November 1981)
Episode Four (16 November 1981)
Episode Five (23 November 1981)
Episode Six (30 November 1981)
Episode Seven (7 December 1981)

Series Two
One in Four Goes (19 July 1983)
Why Are We Here? (26 July 1983)
Absence Makes the Heart (2 August 1983)
We Are Not Alone (9 August 1983)
One Week to Go (16 August 1983)
Going Home (23 August 1983)



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