Astroesque (1996)

mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Michael Allred.

Plot Summary

Brad has visions of a stranger who he later meets. Brad is soon being pursued by a militia who are looking for the stranger.


Director: Michael Allred [real name: Mike Allred]
Snap City productions
Executive Producer: Shane Hawks
Producer: Michael Allred [real name: Mike Allred]
Associate Producer: Laura Allred
Script: Michael Allred [real name: Mike Allred]
Editor: M.D. Allred [real name: Mike Allred], Shane Hawks
Music: Michael Allred [real name: Mike Allred], Jim Crabbe
Sound: Daniel Palin

Bond Allred (Brad)
Mike Allred [real name: Mike Allred] (The Twelfth Man)
Michael Bloomfield
Matt Brundage
Tim Butler
Matthew Clark
Amanda Erekson
Miranda Erekson
Randall Erekson
Bonnie Lyman
Jack Pollock