Assassino senza volto (1968)

Italy, 1967
black and white
mono, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Angelo Dorigo using the pseudonym Ray Morrison.

Plot Summary

A series of murders take place around an old castle and Barbara, The unhinged owner, is the chief suspect. But not everything is quite as it seems…


* = uncredited

Director: Ray Morrison [a pseudonym for Angelo Dorigo]
© [not given on screen]
Dolomiti Cinematografica
Director of Production: Attillo Tosato
Screenplay and Story: Ray Morrison
Directors of Photography: Carlo Bellero, Gerardo Patrizi
Editor: Angelo Dorigo *
Music by: Coriolano Gori
Sound Recordist: Silvestro Castellani
Make-up: Carlo Sindiel
Art Director: Pino Aldrovandi
Interiors shot at Istituto Luce

Mara Berni
Gianni Medici
Giuliano Raffaelli
Janine Reynaud
Lawrence Tierney
Paolo Soivay [real name: Luigi Batzella]
Anita Todesco [real name: Anita Tedesco]
Isner Klein Rita [real name: Rita Klein]
Genevieve Sonnet [real name: Genevieve Soné]
Gabriella Mantovani


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